Newby Organics

Newby Organics is another hardworking family farm in the Bondoola area.

Their property consists of two farms, one a market garden growing tomatoes, herbs, capsicum, eggplants, beans, chilli’s, zucchini, pumpkin, spring onions, cherry tomatoes & cucumbers. The second an orchard of assorted fruits. Richard and his parents Lyn & Bruce have been farming organically for over 10 years. Certification – ACO 10071A & ACO 10503IC.

Joan & Linsey Furness

Joan & Linsey Furness supply mostly tropical fruits such as black sapotes, jicama, jaboticaba, coconut & also pumpkins.

Ken Mason

 Kens Citrus

Ken Mason’s Biodynamic 50 acre farm is nestled at Woodvale Park Road.

His farm produces lemons, mandarins, oranges, mangoes, cucumber, capsicum, cherry tomatoes, eggplant & grapefruit. He grew up on a farm & has been Certified for over 10 years. Certification – NASAA 4069A

Hughi & Anni Simmons

The Simmons Tractor

Hughi & Anni Simmons have a 23 acre organic property in the beautiful red soils of Woodbury.

They have been farming for over 10 years and supply us seasonally with lebanese and green cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, eggplants, capsicum, sweet potatoes, beetroot, lettuce, kale and cabbages. Certification – OHG 615.

Fresh Picked Eggplants  Eggplant Crop






Silverwood Organics

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Silverwood Organics is a Family owned and run Farm which is South West of Longreach. The King family has owned and run “Westfield” for four generations.

After enduring a long drought and low wool prices, Andrew decided to diversify from Merino sheep into the Dorper sheep breed in 1999 and has never regretted that decision. Organic certification of 42 000 acres comprising of the two stations “Silverwood” and “Westfield” was approved in 2000, so our entire enterprise has been certified organic for 13 years.

Andrew and Maree have Four children who all help out when they are home from University and Boarding school. The online website and home delivery business began in 2009.

We are excited to offer Silverwood Organic gourmet, restaurant quality, organic lamb to your family Premium Organic Lamb delivered to you …… From the Farmer to your Front Door!

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Silver Dale Eggs

Queensland’s true free range eggs, approved by RSPCA. The chooks at Silver Dale Eggs get to do what chooks love best… eat fresh grass, chase bugs and have dust baths in the sun. The girls are never confined to a shed so they are truly free to roam.

Dawson Valley Free Range

Kim and Lucy House, Dawson Valley Free Range Owned and managed on their property near Baralaba, in the beautiful Dawson Valley.

Kokotungo Organic Beef

Kokotungo Organic Beef (BFA Producer No. 10797A) is produced by two generations of the Bailey Family.