Kokotungo Organic Beef

Kokotungo Organic Beef

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Kokotungo Organic Beef (BFA Producer No. 10797A) is produced by two generations of the Bailey Family.

Kokotungo Organic Beef

The Bailey’s decided as a family unit that they wanted to produce beef in a healthy environment. The underlying philosophy to everything they do is healthy environment equals healthy food equals healthy and happy people.

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The journey began in 1994 when they changed their grazing practices to make environmental health the main focus. From this focus, they felt that production and productivity would follow. In 2006, a joint decision was made to attain organic certification, as they wanted to differentiate their management practices from those of conventional farmers.

It has been an incredible journey of discovery and each year they strive to continue to improve and enhance their environment.

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  1. Is this beef also grass fed?

  2. Hi Kate
    Yes the Kokotungo Organic Beef is grass-fed.

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