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Newby Organics

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Newby Organics is another hardworking family farm in the Bondoola area.

Their property consists of two farms, one a market garden growing tomatoes, herbs, capsicum, eggplants, beans, chilli’s, zucchini, pumpkin, spring onions, cherry tomatoes & cucumbers. The second an orchard of assorted fruits. Richard and his parents Lyn & Bruce have been farming organically for over 10 years. Certification – ACO 10071A & ACO 10503IC.

Newby Organic Tomatoes Bruce from Newby Organics New Beans

Tomatoes at Newby Organics Beans at Newby Organics

The Good news with summer on its way is that it won’t be long before we have lychees.  The Bensons Orchard has loads of tropical fruits.  Their main crop are lychees and they have a number of varieties and this means they have a good supply of lychees across the whole season.

Lychee Tree at Newby Organics Lychee Orchard at Newby Organics Newby Organic Lychees


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  1. Hi I am a local and my girls have just finished highschool and are 19, just wander if you could offer them ANY wor, please.
    They are hard workers and are used to outside work and cooking, thanksd for reading this note, our number is: 49253065 or Rob on 0413039886

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