Silver Dale Eggs

Silver Dale Eggs

Silver Dale Eggs                        RSPCA Paw of Approval

Queensland’s true free range eggs, approved by RSPCA.  The chooks at Silver Dale Eggs get to do what chooks love best… eat fresh grass, chase bugs and have dust baths in the sun.  The girls are never confined to a shed so they are truly free to roam.

Free as a Bird – and RSPCA accredited too

Its easy to become very fond of the humble layer hen. They’re great girls to watch with all their dust-bathing, bug-chasing and general chookie shenanigans.  It saddens us that the majority of Australian layer hens are kept in cages, deprived of sunshine, fresh air and space to stretch their legs.   One of the key aims at Silver Dale Eggs is the health and happiness of their hens.

The Silver Dale chooks roam freely all day long. They’re never confined but they do have free access to shelter, perches, grain and cosy nests in purpose-built mobile chook-houses. These chook-houses are regularly moved so that the chooks always have access to fresh grass (and new bugs and new bathing spots).

The chooks at Silver Dale Eggs have it so good, they’re RSPCA accredited. In fact, Silver Dale Eggs are just one of three labels Australia-wide accredited as being truly Free Range by the RSPCA.

Silver Dale Chicken Tractors    Silver Dale Maremma  Silver Dale Chickens

Nutrition comes from proper farming

It’s our long-held belief that human nutrition is not just related to the food we choose to eat, but also to how that food was grown.  Silver Dale Eggs put a lot of time and effort into ensuring their chooks have an excellent, balanced diet. To keep the hens extra healthy, they are supplied with grass, bugs, shell grit, grain and sea minerals.  Silver Dale are also continually improving the species composition of their pasture to include more legumes (for more omega 3s). This coupled with their natural lifestyle makes for highly nutritious (and delicious) eggs.

Silver Dale Eggs

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