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Silverwood Organics is a Family owned and run Farm which is South West of Longreach. The King family has owned and run “Westfield” for four generations.

After enduring a long drought and low wool prices, Andrew decided to diversify from Merino sheep into the Dorper sheep breed in 1999 and has never regretted that decision. Organic certification of 42 000 acres comprising of the two stations “Silverwood” and “Westfield” was approved in 2000, so our entire enterprise has been certified organic for 13 years.

Andrew and Maree have Four children who all help out when they are home from University and Boarding school. The online website and home delivery business began in 2009.

We are excited to offer Silverwood Organic gourmet, restaurant quality, organic lamb to your family Premium Organic Lamb delivered to you …… From the Farmer to your Front Door!

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  2. Dear Kings,

    Your organic farm technique is most progressive, (watched your video where Maree spoke about the work undertaken to get to organic stage) and the LamHam product is cutting edge culinary lamb. I wish we had some of it over in Malaysia. I would like to check whether your farm accepts students to learn animal husbandry skills (sheep animal experience) placement in December, when the University of Queensland has a 2 month break after finals. My daughter is currently a Year 2 Vet Science student at UQ Gatton.

    The pre-Clinical extramural studies (PEMS) program is an educational partnership between The University of Queensland and commercial animal enterprises that provides an opportunity for students to reinforce their competency in animal handling and husbandry, gain knowledge of the significant features specific to different animal enterprises and gain an understanding of the factors affecting the business success of these enterprises.

    It is a necessity for Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) students to gain practical experience with the husbandry of animals and management of animal-based enterprises. Sufficient experience can only be gained by engaging in work experience placements. She needs an e-mail address to forward UQ’s template to you, if there’s such an opportunity at your farm.

    If you are wondering about my email address, I picked up golf in Auckland during my short study period. Thanks in advance.


    C S Quah

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