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Barambah OrganicsBarambah Organics produces a range of certified organic dairy products, namely yoghurt and freshly bottled milk. Barambah has received many awards since it began Certified Organic in 2002 and is very grateful to its passionate consumers and distributors.

Barambah Organics is a vertically integrated company, based in Brisbane QLD, producing high quality certified organic products. Barambah Organics sources its fresh organic milk from its own farm at Glenarbon, situated on the Dumaresq River, on the NSW/QLD border.

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  1. Are your products Halal Certified? I woild love to recommend your business & products to my clients who are always looking for organic products – especially dairy.
    Could you please advise if your dairy products are homogonised?
    Thank you.

  2. Thank you Barambah organics for not being Halal Certified ! I will be telling everyone I know & locally I know 2 places 2 buy your cheese ! It is a breath of fresh air to know that I can buy a product without inadvertently donating to a religious ideology that I do not support please keep up the good work your cheese is beautiful & it’s also so great to know that you’re Australian owned & ORGANIC ! & PLEASE PLEASE don’t become Halal certified !!!

  3. Hi,

    I’m looking for a regular source of full cream milk that has no hormones, especially estrogen. Does your full cream milk contain any added hormones, hormone residue, or are your cows injected with hormones? Also, I enjoy rich milk such as Guernsey, do you have anything like this? Thank you.


  4. I second what Karen said above!.

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