Why eat organic food?

  • Local organic fruit & vegetables are picked fresh & nutritionally superior to conventionally grown produce.
  • Organic Food is free of toxic pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, artificial fertilizers, anti-biotics and growth enhancers.
  • Organic Farming is Sustainable, minimizing the use of non-renewable resources & ensures healthy farmers & a healthy future for generations to come.
  • Organic Farming provides a safer environment and a cleaner world with reduce, reuse & recycle a way of life.
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    Organic Farms increase biodiversity & produce quality products which are true to species & grown naturally.

  • Organic farming does not support Genetically Modified Crops.

What is Certified Organic?

Certified Organic farms & produce are thoroughly audited by an independent body known as an Organic Certifier.  The Organic Certifiers have extensive standards which all producers must strictly comply by.

All Certified Organic Farms have annual farm audits, which include soil testing & thorough planning, composting & planting records.

Our Organic Farmers are kept very busy to ensure the Organic Certification Guarantee.

Australia has 7 Organic Certifiers

Australian Certified Organic (division of Biological Farmers of Australia) http://www.aco.net.au/
NASAA www.nasaa.com.au
Demeter www.demeter.org.au
Organic Food Chain www.organicfoodchain.com.au
Organic Growers Australia www.organicgrowers.org.au
Tasmanian Organic Dynamic Producers www.tasorganicdynamic.com.au
Safe Food Qld www.safefood.qld.gov.au


All produce & products on our website will indicate their certifying body.  Some products are sourced from overseas & have international certification such as IFOAM, please contact us if you have any certification queries.

butterflyWhere does our produce come from?

All our fresh produce comes from reputable certified farms & wholesalers.
We purchase our fruit and vegetables from local & southern suppliers.

To read more about our local farmers & wholesalers click here.

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